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9-10 SeptemberPeter Palmer Junior Team RelayOrganiser: Freya Askham
Planner: Dorien James
19 AugustMK Urban - Monkston. Results by Course and by Age Class. Routegadget (courses 1-5). Winsplits by class. Organiser: Ros James
Planners: Freya Askham and Steve Hardy
23 JulyLocal - Stanton LowOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Davey Averill
25 JuneLocal - Shenley WoodOrganisers and Planners: Steve Hardy and Karen Vines
14 MayLocal - CaldecotteOrganiser: Ric Brackenbury
Planner: Richard Pownall
16 AprilLocal - Linford WoodOrganiser: Freya Askham
Planner: Debbie Charlton
22 JanuaryRushmere Country ParkOrganiser: Dorien James
Planner: Freya Askham


25th SeptemberMilton Keynes Urban - Four Estates
Winsplits Routegadget
Organisers: Ed Jones, Rob Askham
Planner: Sandra Mather
24th JulyKeyne-O - Howe Park WoodOrganisers: Nick and Jane Emery
Planner: Martin Cook
26th JuneKeyne-O - Furzton and Teardrop LakesOrganisers: Ian Byrne
Planner: Ros James
22nd MayLocal - BuckinghamOrganisers: Susan and TC Rae
Planners: Milly and Rob Askham
3rd AprilSpring Keyne-O - Stanton LowOrganisers and Planners: Steve Hardy
and Karen Vines


2nd MayLocal - Shenley WoodOrganiser: Steve Hardy
Planner: Karen Vines
13th JuneLocal - Loughton ValleyOrganiser: Freya Askham
Planner: Sandra Mather
11th SeptemberRegional - Milton Keynes Urban - Great LinfordOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Martin Cook
14th NovemberRegional - Priory ParkOrganiser: Rob Askham
Planner: Freya Askham


15th MarchCompassSport Cup - Aspley Heath
13th SeptemberLocal - Campbell ParkOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Steve Hardy
11th OctoberLocal - Linford WoodOrganiser: Ann Harris
Planner: Freya Askham
25th OctoberRegional - National Trust StoweOrganiser: Rob Askham
Planner: Debbie Charlton


3rd MarchKeyne-O Event 1 - Loughton Valley ParkOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Ian Byrne
7th AprilEast Anglian League - Salcey ForestOrganiser: Dorien James
Planner: Kevin Hopkins
12th MayKeyne-O Event 3 - CaldecotteOrganiser: Susan Rae
Planner: Ian Byrne
2nd JuneKeyne-O Event 4 - FurztonOrganiser: Debbie Charlton
Planner: Ann Harris
21st JulyKeyne-O Event 5 - WillenOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Martin Cook
11th AugustBuckingham UrbanOrganiser: Drew Vanbeck
Planner: Freya Askham
8th SeptemberKeyne-O Event 7 - Campbell ParkOrganiser: Ric Brackenbury
Planner: Martin Cook
13th OctoberKeyne-O Event 8 - Shenley WoodOrganiser: Helen Nisbet
Planner: Richard Pownall


4th MarchRegional and EA League Event - Aspley HeathOrganiser: Dorien James
Planner: Steve Hardy
8th AprilKeyne-O Event 1 - OU and Ouzel ValleyOrganiser: Steve Hardy
Planner: Karen Vines
6th MayKeyne-O Event 2 - Loughton Valley ParkOrganiser: Ann Harris
Planner: Ian Byrne
3rd JuneKeyne-O Event 3 - Howe Park WoodOrganiser: Karen Hopkins
Planner: Kevin Hopkins
15th JulyKeyne-O Event 4 - Great LinfordOrganiser: Ric Brackenbury
Planner: Steve Hardy
12th AugustRegional Event - Stowe Middle DistanceOrganiser: Steve Hardy
Planner: Freya Askahm
9th SeptemberKeyne-O Event 6 - Linford WoodOrganiser: Helen Nisbet
Planner: Ros James
7th OctoberKeyne-O Event 7 - Campbell ParkOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Debbie Charlton


5th March Keyne-O Event 1 - CaldecotteOrganiser: Ros James
19th March East Anglian Championships and League Event - RushmereOrganiser: Ian Byrne
Planner: Richard Pownall
23rd April Keyne-O Event 2 - OU and Ouzel ValleyOrganiser: Ros James
14th May Keyne-O Event 3 - Loughton Valley ParkOrganiser: Karen Hopkins
Planner: Kevin Hopkins
4th June Keyne-O Event 4 - Howe Park WoodOrganiser: Freya Askahm
Planner: Ros James
2nd July Keyne-O Event 5 - Linford WoodOrganiser: Ann Harris
Planner: Debbie Charlton
13th AugustKeyne-O Event 6 - Great LinfordOrganiser: Helen Nisbet
Planner: Ian Byrne
3rd SeptemberKeyne-O Event 7 - FurztonOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: David Cavero
15th OctoberKeyne-O Event 8 - Campbell ParkOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Richard Pownall


24th JanuaryClub Championships - TwywellOrganiser: Freya Askahm
Planner: Robert Dove
6th March Keyne-O Event 1 - Shenley WoodOrganiser: Ric Brackenbury
Planner: Freya Askahm
20th March EA League Event - BrackmillsOrganiser: Karen Vines
Planner: Rachel Edwards
17th April Keyne-O Event 2 - Ouzel Valley and the OUOrganiser: Steve Hardy
Planner: Charles Taylor-Keane
22nd May Keyne-O Event 3 - Loughton ValleyOrganiser: Ros James
Planner: Freya Askahm
25th June Milton Keynes Urban & Keyne-O Event 4Organiser: Freya Askahm
Planner: Ros James
10th July Keyne-O Event 5 - Great LinfordOrganiser: Ann Harris
Planner: Ian Byrne
14th August Keyne-O Event 6 - CaldecotteOrganiser: Ian Byrne
Planner: James Nisbet
11th SeptemberKeyne-O Event 7 - WillenOrganiser: Helen Nisbet
Planner: Carys James
2nd OctoberKeyne-O Event 8 - Linford WoodOrganiser: Mike Jones
Planner: Ric Brackenbury
30th OctoberStowe Level COrganiser: Freya Askahm
Planner: Steve Hardy







DateEvent Officials
7th March KeyneO Event 1
11th April KeyneO Event 2
9th May KeyneO Event 3
13th June KeyneO Event 4
11th July KeyneO Event 5
8th August KeyneO Event 6
12th SeptemberKeyneO Event 7
10th October KeyneO Event 8
23rd October Midland Sprint Championship - heats - splits - finals - splits
14th November KeyneO Event 9


DateEvent Officials
11th January KeyneO Event 1
1st February KeyneO Event 2
15th February Silverstone North Regional and EA Championships
15th March KeyneO Event 3
5th April KeyneO Event 4
17th May KeyneO Event 5
19th July Stewartby
13th SeptemberKeyneO Event 6
4th October Stockgrove & Rammamere Heath District Event
11th October KeyneO Event 7
15th November KeyneO Event 8
6th December KeyneO Event 9


DateEvent Officials
13th January KeyneO Event 4
17th February KeyneO Event 5
16th March KeyneO Event 6
13th April KeyneO Event 7
18th May Summer Series Event 1
13th July Summer Series Event 2 and Club Championship
17th August Summer Series Event 3
14th SeptemberKeyneO Event 1
5th October KeyneO Event 2
5th October Holcot & Reynold District Event & YBT Qualifier Results
9th November KeyneO Event 3
7th December KeyneO Event 4








DateEvent Officials
19th NovemberClub Championships - Rowney Warren