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Greensand Ridge Relay - Entries

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Clubs who have previously supported the race will be invited to enter three months before the 2025 race date (March 15th). If you haven't received your invitation by then, please contact the organiser. Invited clubs have priority and can enter as many teams as they like, up to the maximum of 45 teams. If all places are not filled by 2 months before race date (April 12th), we will open entries to new participants.

A team is considered as entered on receipt of both the entry form (by email or post) and the appropriate fee (by bank transfer or cheque). It is not necessary to declare runner names and running order at the time of entry. That can be done nearer race date.

Solo runners can enter using the published entry forms (see below), but must remember that their entry is accepted on condition that they are members of a club that is eligible to compete in the relay on the day.

A list of Teams and Soloists entered so far will be displayed on these web pages. Start times will be added when team members and handicaps are declared.

For fuller entry details and entry forms, download this document.

This includes an entry form for soloists, and will be updated to include a team entry form if places are available after April 12th.